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Live Virtual Whiteboard – Land and Expand with StorONE!

Many storage systems claim to provide Land and Expand capabilities. The problem is most systems can only scale capacity. If your customer needs more performance or wants to add another workload, you have to win the business all over again.
Join Spinnakar and StorONE on December 2nd at 3:30 GMT for an interactive whiteboard presentation by StorONE’s CMO and former storage industry analyst George Crump.

During the PowerPoint-free presentation, George will explain how StorONE’s S1:Enterprise Platform enables you to “land” more customer accounts with a backup storage solution that costs less and extracts more capabilities from today’s backup software. Then he will explain how to expand the StorONE solution across three vectors, capacity, performance, and use cases, all while increasing your profitability.

The StorONE Land and Expand strategy is a proven approach that enables you to crack into accounts, earn their confidence, and quickly expand to other use cases. Register today to learn how to integrate this strategy into your sales efforts.