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Intent-Based Networking

Astra’s intent-based Networking empowers organisations to automate all aspects of the network design, build, deploy, and operate. Apstra leverages advanced intent-based analytics to continually validate the network, thereby eliminating complexity vulnerabilities, and outages resulting in a secure and resilient network.

Intent-based networking means that the network you design mirrors the network you deploy in every detail even the cabling.  Apstra provides automated management of data centre leaf-spine network services, real-time closed loop validation using advanced processing data analytics and seamless cloud-scale network deployment.   

dHCI - VMware Platform

Combines the best of Converged with the best of HCI and includes both Backup and DR services
Datrium’s Automatrix platform delivers 5 critical data services to virtualised environments. Until today customers have been required to use multiple products to deliver the same set of services driving up costs and creating data silos as well as complex operating environments. Datrium DRaaS with VMware Cloud on AWS delivers cloud native on-demand DR with built-in backups for all your VMware workloads.

Intelligent Data Management

Komprise is a software company which allows for file based data (unstructured) to be analysed, understood and optimized relative to need. Independent of source (i.e. NetApps, Isilon, Pure Flashblade, etc) and target, data can be moved non-disruptively with zero impact to the end user experience – this could be a secondary NAS, an object store (i.e. Cloudian, etc), a cloud environment (AWS, Azure, etc) or any combination. Komprise is The simple, smart way to manage data.

Continuous Cloud Optimisation (Public Cloud)

spot gives your workloads the cloud infrastructure they deserve always available, always scalable and always at the lowest possible cost.

End-to-End visibility provides insights into cloud usage and costs across your organisation, from infrastructure to workloads and application.  Actionable guidance shows you where and how you can increase efficiency and reduce costs for the greatest impact .Real-time optimization uses proven advanced analytics and machine learning to continuously optimise your purchase and utilisation of Cloud resources.

Data Protection and Back-up

Arcserve is a leading provider of data protection and recovery solutions that empowers organisations with the assurance that they can recover their data and applications when needed. Arcserve provides a comprehensive suite of products for cloud, virtual and physical environments, on premise or in the cloud, backed by unsurpassed support and expertise. Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP), available on Arcserve’s appliance or your hardware, drives a full range of highly efficient and integrated data protection capabilities through a simple, web-based user console and is the only solution to be secured with Sophos Intercept X Advanced for unmatched defence against malware, exploits, and ransomware.

Container Platform

Diamanti’s fully integrated Kubernetes platform gives platform architects, IT operations, and application owners the performance, simplicity, efficiency, and enterprise features they need to get cloud-native applications to market fast.

Deploying a Kubernetes environment yourself can mean investing money and time—weeks or even months of installation, integration, and testing. Even then, you’ll lack the performance and reliability you need. But with Diamanti, you can deploy a complete enterprise-class container stack in 15 minutes—with compute, networking, storage, Docker, and Kubernetes fully integrated and supported.

Multi-Cloud Self-Service and DevOps Orchestration

Morpheus is a 100% agnostic cloud management platform (CMP) designed from the ground up to unify management of multi-cloud and hybrid IT while empowering DevOps teams with self-service provisioning of bare metal, VM, and container-based application services.

With more built-in third-party integrations and faster time-to-value than any other, it’s a foundation to bridge the gap between teams, tools, and processes independent of where and how applications are deployed.  

Morpheus is a single platform that unifies the tools you already have and standardizes processes across multiple clouds with complete application lifecycle management – provisioning, backup, logging, monitoring, reporting, and access control. 

All Flash Storage

Vast Data is an innovative storage company who have broken 30 years of price versus performance trade-offs with All-Flash performance, write at 3D XPoint speeds, read at NVMe speeds, scale to millions of IOPS and terabytes per second.

Along with their ability to archive cost efficiency and engineered at every level to deliver unrivalled system efficiency. With exabyte scale-file and object storage scale to meet any application or capacity agenda, enabling them to meet the needs of the more demanding workloads.

Enterprise Object Storage

Cloudian HyperStore object storage solves your biggest storage challenges. Deploy HyperStore nodes wherever you need capacity storage, then scale seamlessly. Simplicity is built in. Nodes form a global data fabric that you manage within a single framework. With the industry’s most compatible S3 API and a proven, hyperscale architecture, Cloudian HyperStore is the antidote to storage complexity.


Composable Infrastructure for enterprise data centers.

The DriveScale Composable Platform disaggregates compute and storage resources, and quickly and easily composes them into infrastructure optimized for dynamic, data-intensive workloads such as big data, analytics and AI. Enterprises can now perform just-in-time capacity planning, respond faster to changing business demands and maximize efficiency while reducing infrastructure costs. DriveScale’s platform is open and works with a large ecosystem of ISVs and IHVs. Founded by technologists with deep roots in IT architecture who built enterprise-class systems for Cisco and Sun Microsystems.

The secure identity Company.

You no longer have to choose between sophisticated security and user convenience.

SecureAuth have pioneered smart authentication for companies with complex environments, achieving one goal: Transform security into a business-enabler as opposed to a source of friction. Invisible security means that your users won’t need passwords. Plus, SecureAuth’s multiple risk-layer checks—the most in the marketplace—run quietly in the background, not making their presence known… unless something suspicious is detected. 

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