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Data Protection and Back-up

Arcserve is a leading provider of data protection and recovery solutions that empowers organisations with the assurance that they can recover their data and applications when needed. Arcserve provides a comprehensive suite of products for cloud, virtual and physical environments, on premise or in the cloud, backed by unsurpassed support and expertise. Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP), available on Arcserve’s appliance or your hardware, drives a full range of highly efficient and integrated data protection capabilities through a simple, web-based user console and is the only solution to be secured with Sophos Intercept X Advanced for unmatched defence against malware, exploits, and ransomware.

The Deep Instinct deep learning revolution

Deep Instinct is the first and only company to apply end to end deep learning to cybersecurity. Deep Learning is inspired by the brains ability to learn. Once a brain learns to identify an object, its identification becomes second nature. Similarly, as Deep Instinct’s artificial deep neural network brain learns to prevent any type of cyber threat, its prediction capabilities become instinctive. As a result, any kind of malware, known or new, first-seen malware, zero-days, ransomware and APT attacks of any kind, are predicted and prevented in zero-time with unmatched accuracy and speed anywhere in the enterprise.

Unlike detection and response-based solutions, which wait for the execution of an attack to react, or post-execution which achieves too little too late, our deep learning based prevention approach keeps our customers protected, while dramatically reducing costs.

Embrace the true reality of a multi-site, multi-cloud solution

Set your data free from the constraints of siloed storage, location and the complexities of management. Embrace the true reality of a multi-site, multi-cloud solution that intelligently delivers your data to where it’s needed when its needed. Hammerspace simplifies data ownership by delivering a global file system that overcomes the pitfalls of operating an agile and dispersed workforce by modernising data workflows to move from a traditional IT-centric model to the new world of business-centric data management. 

Intelligent Data Management

Komprise is a software company which allows for file based data (unstructured) to be analysed, understood and optimized relative to need. Independent of source (i.e. NetApps, Isilon, Pure Flashblade, etc) and target, data can be moved non-disruptively with zero impact to the end user experience – this could be a secondary NAS, an object store (i.e. Cloudian, etc), a cloud environment (AWS, Azure, etc) or any combination. Komprise is The simple, smart way to manage data.

The Approachable Cloud Company

Whether you’re new to the cloud or a veteran, PacketFabric is here to help you overcome cloud challenges and find a better way!

PacketFabric Space and PacketFabric Transporter are two flagship products that are changing the way organisations can leverage cloud.

PacketFabric Space

PacketFabric gives you the Space to run your business with an object storage system that works the way you want – turbo charged speed, data protection you can trust and packed with innovative new features.

PacketFabric Transporter

Why is moving data to, across and within the cloud so hard? PacketFabricTransporter makes it easy to move data into the cloud, between different clouds or even regions of the same cloud. With PacketFabric Transporter its as easy as 1, 2, 3

The secure identity Company.

You no longer have to choose between sophisticated security and user convenience.

SecureAuth have pioneered smart authentication for companies with complex environments, achieving one goal: Transform security into a business-enabler as opposed to a source of friction. Invisible security means that your users won’t need passwords. Plus, SecureAuth’s multiple risk-layer checks—the most in the marketplace—run quietly in the background, not making their presence known… unless something suspicious is detected. 

Cloud optimization

Cloud optimization & cost management platform, which offers an advanced online secure platform to manage Azure assets and have clear view of costs. With and easy way to see savings from scheduling VM’s and cost usage in dollars and cents over defined billing period. Along with being able to build, view and understanding overtime of VM costs vs specification and requirements against each VM’s intended use.

Is an Automated AMVS allows you to understand a VM’s usage pattern and make more accurate decisions as to when each VM or schedule group is needed to be available to users.

Integrated DNS, DHCP & IP Address Management

EfficientIP enables IP-based communication, simplifies network management and enhances operational efficiency thanks to global visibility, consistency control and smart automation of DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM). They secure DNS services to safeguard data confidentiality, protect users and ensure application access in cloud and on-premise.

Secure collaboration

HighSide is the global leader in secure collaboration & distributed data access controls. Powered by a distributed private root of trust encryption protocol. HighSide’s suite of products enable organizations to engage securely in a remote first world. Through our zero-trust technology, teams have access to a modern encrypted communications and file sharing platform including voice, video, text and files. HighSide makes security and compliance easy, while reducing the risk of shadow IT and reliance on insecure communications channels.

Creator of the Risk Cloud® platform and Risk Cloud Exchange (RCX)

LogicGate®, creator of the Risk Cloud® platform and Risk Cloud Exchange (RCX), is redefining the way businesses think about risk. Through the proactive management of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) processes via the no-code, agile Risk Cloud, hundreds of customers rely on Risk Cloud to improve organizational efficiency, reduce costs and enable revenue generation and retention. In addition to earning recognition for its technology innovation from Gartner and G2, the global company has received accolades from Crain’s Chicago Business, Built in Chicago and the Chicago Tribune for its company culture and was recognized in Inc. 5000 2021.

Recorded Future Intelligence Platform

Recorded Future Intelligence Platform – produces accurate and actionable intelligence at scale, delivered in real time. It combines automated analytics with human expertise to unite an unrivalled variety of open source, dark web, technical sources, and original research. By dynamically categorising, linking, and analysing intelligence in real time, the platform delivers easy-to-consume insights for proactive and persistent risk mitigation, via role-based modules that are tailored to your needs.

Enterprise Storage Platform

Storage is hard. It is expensive, complex to manage, and in constant need of upgrades. StorONE rewrote key storage algorithms to deliver better storage capabilities while requiring substantially less hardware. The result is a better storage environment that costs less, improves data integrity, and accelerates performance. With StorONE’s Enterprise Storage Platform, you can start small, solving today’s problems while laying the foundation for a complete storage consolidation strategy.

Flexible acquisition models

A new solution for a new world, where the cost of delivering the services for complex combinations of platforms and applications to an agile and demanding workforce around the globe continues to spiral in complexity in an always on society. Virtuozzo addresses the demand for cloud variants and application elasticity with flexible acquisition models that overcome the lock-in and costs of the hyperscalers.

Enterprise Object Storage

Cloudian HyperStore object storage solves your biggest storage challenges. Deploy HyperStore nodes wherever you need capacity storage, then scale seamlessly. Simplicity is built in. Nodes form a global data fabric that you manage within a single framework. With the industry’s most compatible S3 API and a proven, hyperscale architecture, Cloudian HyperStore is the antidote to storage complexity.


Global cyber security

Gurucul is a global cyber security and fraud analytics company that is changing the way organizations protect their most valuable assets, data and information from insider and external threats both on-premises and in the cloud. Gurucul’s real-time Unified Security and Risk Analytics Platform combines machine learning behaviour profiling with predictive risk-scoring algorithms to predict, prevent and detect breaches. Gurucul technology is used by Global 1000 companies and government agencies to fight cyber fraud, IP theft, insider threat and account compromise as well as for log aggregation, compliance and risk based security orchestration and automation for real-time extended detection and response.

Delivers the insights you need to optimise your Microsoft licensing

Simplifying the conundrum of Microsoft licensing to make sense of the platform you are using, what you purchased and the features you are paying for. Though its analytics engine iPortalis delivers the insights you need to optimise your Microsoft licensing, regain control and drive efficiencies in usage and cost. Reducing your organisations attack surface through the automation of license recovery. Don’t just take our word for it, take a health check and see how you can save with iPortalis. 

Multi-Cloud Self-Service and DevOps Orchestration

Morpheus is a 100% agnostic cloud management platform (CMP) designed from the ground up to unify management of multi-cloud and hybrid IT while empowering DevOps teams with self-service provisioning of bare metal, VM, and container-based application services.

With more built-in third-party integrations and faster time-to-value than any other, it’s a foundation to bridge the gap between teams, tools, and processes independent of where and how applications are deployed.

Morpheus is a single platform that unifies the tools you already have and standardizes processes across multiple clouds with complete application lifecycle management – provisioning, backup, logging, monitoring, reporting, and access control. 

Advanced data protection and ransomware safe-guarding

Delivering advanced data protection and ransomware safe-guarding to ensure your data is always available and always recoverable. Bringing ease of modernisation and automation to your data protection schema across multi-site deployments, to deliver the performance and flexibility required in today’s hybrid strategies for structured/unstructured data and Office 365.

Consumable as a managed service that removes operational overhead and complexity to allow for the realisation of cost savings through a flexible commercial model that scales with your organisation on your terms.

All Flash Storage

Vast Data is an innovative storage company who have broken 30 years of price versus performance trade-offs with All-Flash performance, write at 3D XPoint speeds, read at NVMe speeds, scale to millions of IOPS and terabytes per second.

Along with their ability to archive cost efficiency and engineered at every level to deliver unrivalled system efficiency. With exabyte scale-file and object storage scale to meet any application or capacity agenda, enabling them to meet the needs of the more demanding workloads.

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