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We are a small team of successful individuals from IT distribution that have been doing this for far too long!

From modems in the 80’s, to serial and Ethernet extended WAN’s in the 90’s, to Internet & security in 2000’s, and the explosion of NAS in the last decade, we have been at the forefront of many of the leading technologies.

We recognise that data management and transformation will become a major challenge for enterprises as they strive to benefit from extended datasets, without breaching policy & compliance, with enhanced agility to find, use, and manipulate data seamlessly….


The Data Journey

Estimates suggest 70% of the data that exists in the world today was created within the last two years. And the growth in data isn’t slowing down. Data is good. It enables analysis & trends and becomes the catalyst to new ideas, products, & concepts. As a result data gets kept…. Forever!


Spinnakar recognise this challenge and have analysed the market in search of technologies that will make this continuance possible from all of the challenges of volume, energy, compliance, and usability.

Enterprises need platforms that scale, that are secure in both access and back up, that meet the challenges of ever changing compliance, and that are indexed for ease of search to users.



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